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We inject passion in all our projects

Let Kvarna pick, pack and ship your orders

We can be all your need, at the same time you focusing in what’s important as advertising and providing happy clients. We make sure that your products get shipped in time. Our warehouse can be found here in Gdansk, welcome!

We build your fully integrated store from bottom to the top

We integrate your payment gateway, ERP-system and shipping-system, so you can reduce your daily manual operation to a minimum as transfer order, customer data, warehouse and your payments which make you save both time and costs.

Give your old store a new functions and a fresh look!

We can develop you a custom made functions that give your store an edge from your competitors. Some functions is similar to other stores. For these there is no need to re-invent the wheel and they can easily be installed in our app store. Our designers can also give your store a tailor made design that gives your customers a unique shopping experience.

Buidling your store

From designing a store that gives your clients a unique shopping experience, make your store work fully integrated with your shipping agent, payment gateway, ERP-system, CRM. We can be all also be all you need from store your products in our warehouse and at the same time make sure they got treated by a nice photo-shoot and offer our super fast shipping at the same, please get in contact with us so we can tell more about our logistic services. But you don’t need to use all our services, we also allow you to cherry pick the services you find fitting your needs best.

User Experience design

Today it’s not about only make a functional store, it need to create a experience that makes clients come back again and again.

Platform development

We are specialised in Magento development. But we also have wide experience of working in other platforms such as Opencart, Prestashop and Shopify.


Our server technicians have years of experience when it comes to set up a fast infrastructure that not only give your clients a fast page speed, but also to build a safe environment that you can trust in.

System integration

We make your store work continuously with your ERP-system, sale channels, payment gateways, shipping agent. So you can minimise your manually work and save work force. Integrations can be find in our app store, welcome!

App store

We provide you easy installed apps so you can increase your sales with just some clicks away. We also provide well documented modules to a variety of platforms.
 Our apps is mainly targeted for the Swedish and Scandinavian market, but if you’re having an app idea that you’re exited to get a into life then please tell us.

Prisjakt is one of the most popular price comparing channels in Sweden, it’s easy to compare with pricerunner if your a foreigner. The best part is that we have the tools to sync your products to the Prisjakt sale channel in a hour.

price 9$/month

Are you having products that manly purpose seems to be collecting dust, get these products on Fyndiq instead and you can instead invest your bad inventory money into new fresh products!

price 10$/month

CDON is one of the biggest ecommerce in Sweden and as the just opened there doors for other ecommerce’s to connect to there huge marketplace, it’s just a manor of time until they will reach to what Fyndiq is for Sweden today.

price 50$

More apps and modules are coming soon!

price coming soon

We are also shipping you a package of Kvarna coffee on all our module orders!

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Magento platform support

We don’t only do development for Magento, we also give you the support for the platform that helps you organization to get out the most of the system and by increasing the usability you also increase the business use of it.

Go Magento

When people coming to us saying that Magento is the best platform, we can not say it’s the best platform for everybody as it’s also the most advanced platform out there. That’s why we offer the best platform with a easy to use interface so you later on can gain more experience.



We insert all products names from delivery note, together with matching if the correct amount of goods have been delivered according to the delivery note.


At the same time your customers been putting goods into the cart, we make sure that this get shipped as fast as possible so you can focusing on customer service and marketing your products.


Were not only handling packaging for only one client that’s why we can offer you lower prices for your wrappings, as we are ordering in bigger volumes, which provides us cost advantages.


The same quantitative cost-benefit is applied to shipping as we can negotiate much better prices then you would be able to do by your own because of our the volume that we are handling.

E-commerce hosting

Over the time we been gaining more and more experience when it come to server administration as it’s a critical role for becoming successful in ecommerce. Having the right redundancy, hardware, platform and security is only some parts that needs tom e taken in consideration when setting up a store that will be stable for years to come. We are here to help you!

There is no none shopping hours

We provide servers that for the past 5 years has been having no down-time. But if an unexpected problem would occur we have dedicated server experts to help.


Page speed is something that is very important when creating a good shopping experience. That’s why the 2 seconds rule is something we obey as a bible.


We make sure you server is always updated to meet the needs for maintain high security. We can also monitor your store if something unexpected would happened we are the first to know.


As we got a lot of experience in Magento, we can make sure that your server is optimized to the latest cache-optimization for Magento. This together with great hardware we make your store lighting fast.


As we are more then happy to share our knowledge, this is the place you should keep you eyes open for to learn the most about us as a company and also and the most important how we come up with all the upcoming problems we see in day to day work.

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Kvarna always strives to create an edge for it's clients and see all stores as a unique experience. Our services differ from creating a new user experience from a current store to integrate your ERP system, payment gateway or shipping agent. Installing or adjusting a new module that helps clients increase there sales. We also offer third part logistic services that slim down your costs and helps you focusing on what’s important.

Don’t hesitate do get in contact with us, to see how we can help your ecommerce, cheers!

  • Lennart CEO
    Hunter and golf lover also a big fan of collecting the newest tools for his workshop.
  • Michael Senior Developer
    World traveler and Magento specialist. Helping us out when we got flooded of work. When he's not programing you can see him sitting down being picky about different expensive whiskeys or playing piano.
  • Lisa Customer Support
    Lisa is our last addition to the Kvarnafamily, she previously worked at the marketing department on Gymgrossisten which here in Sweden is the biggest ecommerce for supplements for fitness. When she's not helping customers here at Kvarna she loves to spend time with graphic designs, motorcycles, old American muscle cars and politics. She is a mother of two and lives with here family in Sjuntorp outside Trollhättan. Besides all this she's not into coffee ;)
  • Dennis Project Manager
    Coffee lover and wannabe sailor. When he is not offshore raising sails and trying to learn sailing he is most likely in a meeting or on the phone with a client bragging about our team.
  • YOUR NAME HERE PHP Developer
    We want your personal description to replace this text. You don't need to be handy or a metallica fan or even love coffee, but if you are a great programmer we would like to have a beer and learn more about you.
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